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AMAZING! Kandy was incredible and truly an artist. She knows her stuff and utilizes high-quality products and takes the time to explain why she is using which product.We used her services for our wedding and she did such a great job! She is extremely talented at emphasizing one's natural beauty and making your features stand-out. Not one girl requested any changes and everyone looked gorgeous. I am always afraid of looking "over done" or "clown-like" and there was no fear with Kandy. She was such a calming presence on an already chaotic day and she is so easy-going and listens to your preferences. I highly recommend her services, whatever the occasion!
Houston, Texas
Kandy was kind enough to squeeze me in to her busy schedule during SXSW to do my makeup for a headshot photo session and I am so glad she did. Not only did she do an amazing job on my makeup, but she gave me a lot of great makeup tips along the way that I have incorporated into my regular routine. And of course my headshots turned out great thanks to Kandy - she made me look beautiful!
Jennifer Jones
Austin, TX
I am a wedding photographer in Austin and work with brides, obviously, a lot! Anytime I had a bride come into a session where her makeup was flawless I always asked and ALWAYS got the same answer.."Kandy"! So it was not a hard decision when it was my turn to be the bride who I would choose! Kandy was amazing! She did my trial run and I was thrilled! She did wedding day makeup for me and all my bridesmaids (a lot of picky people in the industry ;) and we all loved our makeup! The makeup isn't heavy and it's done to accent you just naturally with a little sparkle! It lasted all night through some serious dancing. The only bad thing....I don't have Kandy everyday!!! Thank you Kandy!!
Stacy Sodolak
Austin, TX
I started working with Kandy about 8 months ago, and I have never asked for any other make-up artist in this town to do anything for me. The very first big event I did with Kandy was a model call for one of my shows. She put make-up on each model for us so that we could see what each girl would look like naturally, and then what each girl would look like with Kandy's BASIC make-up.... She hit all 35-40 faces perfectly and not to mention she had her notes for each girl on what to put on come show time because she knew how crazy it was going to be!! For weddings I have seen her do multiples, more than 3 weddings in one day with only a team of about 5 girls... and that's is including hair too!

When my wife Erin and I do photo shoots or big events here in town, she not only puts the perfect make-up to my wife's face, but she knows how to make my face even clean up with out seeing any make-up!

Kandy is the most talented make-up artist I have ever worked with and the minute you put your face in her hands, you will know exactly what I am talking about. She knows skin, she knows colors, and most importantly, she loves what she does.
Ross Bennett
Austin, Texas
I love Kandy! I visit her at least 4 times a year to update my look. She always knows what trends will - and more importantly will not work on me. I appreciate her willingness to share techniques as well. You can't go wrong with Kandy for any occasion wedding, party, gala, photo shoot or just for a pick me up she is the best person to use!!!
Rosemary Wynn
Austin, TX
When I arrive at a wedding and see that Kandy is doing makeup, I can't help but smile. She is truly talented and able to highlight a bride's natural beauty while making sure that she still looks like herself.

Every time I see her beautiful work, I think to myself that I need to set an appointment with Kandy to have my make up done. She is incredible!
Jennifer Lindberg
Don't take any chances on your wedding day! It's so important that a professional does your wedding day make-up so you look absolutely flawless in your photos. As a wedding professional that has worked by Kandy's side, I can definitely recommend her talents! Kandy is dependable, sweet, and fun... which is exactly what you want for any special occasion!
Cory Ryan
Austin, TX
Kandy is really incredible - I was lucky to stumble on her when another recommendation for a makeup artist for our business website pictures didn't work out. She's easy to talk to and really listens to what you want. And she's given me some great tips that I've been able to incorporate into my every day makeup (I'd been doing my makeup the same for, oh, about 20 years). I highly recommend Kandy!!
Mishell B. Kneeland
Moxie Realty Group, Austin, TX
I hardly ever wear make-up and got married during an 11:30 am outdoor ceremony. I definitely wanted something that looked natural and would look good outdoors in the sunlight. Kandy made my skin and features look flawless without any heavy make-up look. My mom was quite opposed to the whole make-up artist plan and thought I would end up looking like a "painted lady" but Kandy's work was amazing. My mom even emailed while I was on my honeymoon to say how wonderful and natural my make-up looked in all the pictures! Kandy is the real thing! Oh, and my make-up lasted and looked great for at least 12 hours!
Ellie Hanlon
I have been a customer and fan of Kandy Glass for close to 10 years. She is a true artist and adapts her skills, techniques, and products to fit any purpose. If you need to look your best for the camera, for television or simply for a party, Kandy is the right choice. She is a consumate professional and takes great pride in serving her customers.
Sara Canaday
Kandy has done my makeup for years! I shoot commercials for Capitol Chevrolet and she always makes me look good! She is just the best, and a pleasure to work with her. Always accommodating with my time and fits me in when I need her. And she knows her products so well, and knows just what the client needs!!!
Wouldn't go to anyone else but Kandy!!!!
Nancy Nash Harper
Capitol Chevrolet
Kandy did my wedding day makeup and it was fabulous! I cried my butt off at the alter and the makeup didn't run or smudge at all. I couldn't believe that after all of the tears and the sweating from dancing that when I returned to my hotel room at the end of the night the makeup still looked amazing! I would definitely recommend Kandy to anyone wanting to look fantastic on their big day!
Jen Bradford
Cedar Park, TX
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