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make-up by kandy glass

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"creating beauty...one face at a time"
                                                  kandy glass

My career in the cosmetic industry began January 1981.  I acquired my Aesthetician's license and began working in a facial salon.  In my time there, I learned the importance of  good skin care. With simple application techniques, proper cleansing and correct hydration the skin remains soft and pliable.  The prettier the skin...the prettier the make-up application.

After completing a Fashion Merchandising program, I moved to the world of retail, combining my knowledge of cosmetics, fashion and business management. For a few years, I worked on the corporate side of the cosmetic industry, buying and managing a cosmetics department.  I realized early that I loved playing with the make-up.  When I picked up a make-up brush, my passion was ignited!  I changed direction a bit and moved to a fast-paced salon and spa...it was the mid 80's and beauty and fashion were fun...black & white...bold colors...make-up was a shocking burst of colors! Here I combined my knowledge of skin and the art of make-up to create beautiful faces.  I had opportunities to work with charity fashion show producers, high profile individuals from the community and began working with brides to create the perfect wedding day look. 

After a few years, I moved to Houston and began a journey that granted me opportunities to work with many cosmetic lines: LancômeStendhal, Origins, Givenchy, Stila, Chanel, Alexandra de MarkoffShiseidoNars.  Every cosmetic line I worked with helped increase my knowledge of skincare and beauty, while continuing to challenge my creativity.

In 1999, I joined the Bobbi Brown team at Saks Fifth Avenue Austin. In November 2008, I became the Resident Make-up Artist for Bobbi Brown at Saks Fifth Avenue Austin.  

What a journey...my skills as a make-up artist have been pushed and strengthened from my years with Bobbi Brown.  I can't even count how many faces I have seen in the past 10 years.  To me, each face starts out as a blank canvas. With make-up brushes in hand, I create an individual look. Beauty is the result. I think of my job as creating beauty...one face at a time.

I was awarded the 2005 Golden Brush Award at Saks Fifth Avenue Austin. My work has been published in bRILLIANT, austinwoman magazine,  The Knot, and Modern Bride.
I have created this website to show samples of my work and to share information on make-up trends and techniques. Please take a look at my portfolios and visit my blog often.

Meet me at Studio Downtown...
1500 W 6th Street
Austin, TX 78703
512-537-8160 (w)
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